6 Amazing London Airbnbs You Definitely Want To Stay In

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6 Amazing London Airbnbs You Definitely Want To Stay In

These Airbnb properties prove that Londoners are the hosts with the most.

Doing the research for this article felt a little bit like searching for a home; I’d get attached to a place before realising, with heart-aching sorrow, that I can’t even afford to rent my own flat, let alone pay the nightly price for a 4-bed family home in Notting Hill. But I scroll through anyway, dreaming of calling these places home, and only occasionally stopping to think of the years of renting I have before me.

I wonder, for a moment, if I should treat myself to a glorified staycation; open the curtains to a beautiful view of pastel coloured townhouses, cook on a spotless stove, drink wine from Swarovski glasses, and commute from Westbourne Park – you know, give myself a taste of the high life. I eventually decide that, considering I’m currently on self-sentenced house arrest due to my inability to control my spending, I should probably forget it.

Anyway, Airbnb is generally for people that don’t live in the city – which makes sense. Perhaps you’re visiting London for a business trip? Or a little break with your friends? Here are some pretty nice places you should consider staying in:

1. This flat located inside the St Pancras clock tower:

Written by Lily Frohlich

Photo by Diamond Geezer
Ever wondered what was hidden inside St Pancras’s magnificent clock tower? No, neither have we, but now we know, and we’re totally obsessed with this flat.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 11.42.53

This insane pad offers a ridiculously cool space to stay. If word gets out you’re staying here you’ll probably have a whole flock of people wanting to be your mate. “How do you even get in?”, we hear you ask. Well, hand over £175 and all your questions will be answered, as that’s how much one night in this place costs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 11.43.38

This luxurious loft is made even classier with the addition of a grand piano. You might not be able to play anything more than a clumsy rendition of Chopsticks or the Rugrats theme tune, but we can all appreciate it’s aesthetic value at least. Check out the clock tower here.

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2. This beautiful 2 bedroom home in Queen’s Park:


This Queen’s Park home is exactly what I imagine I will live in when I’m rich and famous: pristine white walls, towering bookshelves, a beautiful free standing bath, and a chalkboard on my fridge.


This Airbnb has space for six guests but only two beds – riddle me that, internet? As I read on, it appears there is a third, top secret attic bedroom, that is only very briefly mentioned, that there are decidedly no pictures of. Suspicious, if you ask me. But, we forgive Emily for her unwillingness to declare her third bedroom, because she has impeccable taste in bathroom tiling.


The house will set you back at least £110 per night, and there’s a cleaning fee of £60. But you do get a concierge, darling. Have a little look here.

3. This amazing Notting Hill flat with a roof terrace:


This gorgeous flat boasts some beautiful interiors, inspired by the owners’ travels. It’s a short walk away from the famous Portobello Road market, and Latimer Road tube station.


But let’s talk about that roof terrace. There’s no railing around it due to planning laws so it’s probably a little bit terrifying, but it’s a good place to have a nosey at beautiful Notting Hill gardens and bask in the British sunshine, if and when it appears.


This flat sleeps four people and will cost you at least £80 a night. But it has a roof terrace, though! Check it out here.

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4. This Yurt for all seasons:

Written by Lily Frohlich


This quirky garden getaway claims to hold the world record for ‘yurt in the closest proximity to a tube station’. A rather niche world record, but we’ll give them that one.


Located in Highgate, its owners claim it’s the perfect year-round residence. It’s equipped with its own wood-burning stove to keep you toasty warm, even during a snowstorm. Although you might find it a little too hot to handle in warmer summer months, as owners insist camping – or “glamping” – and Air Con don’t go together.


This place may look basic but it does offer electricity and Wifi, along with an adjacent, fully-equipped toilet building that even allows you to indulge in a hot shower. How very modern! This al fresco experience will set you back at least £99 per night for two people and you can check it out here.

5. This gorgeous (and very blue) Hackney home:


This stunning Victorian maisonette in Stoke Newington has some beautiful period features, and lots and lots of blue stuff. There are three bedrooms in the home, two doubles and a single, one of which has wonderful views of the London skyline.

There’s also a balcony that I imagine would be the perfect spot for eating your breakfast in the mornings, or drinking wine contemplatively in the evenings.


This house sleeps five people and will cost £118 per night, at best. But, again, you’ll get a concierge for the duration of your stay, and why would you want to book your own restaurants when somebody else can do it for you, darling? Check out the property here.

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6. This converted church:

Written by Lily Frohlich

Photo by Winkworth
This converted church in Islington definitely brings the ‘wow factor’. What was once St Clement’s Church is now a series of flats, and you can enjoy a tranquil night’s stay in the top floor flat for £175(ish).


Even the staunchest sinners will struggle not to be impressed with the building’s arches and stained glass windows. The novelty of the space certainly does it for us. How often do you get the chance to fall asleep in a church without being told off?


This gorgeous flat sleeps four people, and is only a few moments away from Highbury & Islington and Caledonian Road stations. Take a look here.

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