7 Treats You’ll Be Nuts To Miss On Peanut Butter Day In London

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7 Treats You’ll Be Nuts To Miss On Peanut Butter Day In London

We can almost certainly trace our obsession with this creamy, nutty* spread to the heart-warming interaction between Hallie Parker and Annie James and their shared love of Oreos dipped in peanut butter.

While the conflict between crunchy and smooth rages on, today is a day to celebrate the nut butter bringing people together in thick, filling, peanut heaven. So here’s a list of London’s finest places to peanut…

Sufferers of arachibutyrophobia scuttle away in shame now.


1. The Pancake

My Old Dutch are the connoisseurs of putting pretty much anything on a pancake, and lots of it. But today it has to be ‘Divide and Rule your Nuts’, £14.95, Kensington, Holborn or Chelsea.

Butterscotch pancakes topped with half Nutella, bananas & hazelnuts and half with PEANUT BUTTER, snickers and Reese buttons. Omg.


2. The Cocktail

peanut butter day

Dry January is over!!!!!!!!!! Sort of. 7 days. But we can dream…

And there is nothing more dreamy than a peanut butter cocktail. At The Night Jar, 129 City Road, you can realise your fantasy with a Le Lani Volcano.

Havana Club 7 Year, Falernum, Fresh Pineapple Coconut Blossom Nectar, Grilled Rice powder, Roasted Feijoa, Fresh Lime, Banana Bread Beer and PEANUT BUTTER ICE.

3. The Burger

peanut butter day

Arguably, one of London’s best gourmet burger chains with locations in Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, Shoreditch and Balham, it’s the perfect place for a peanut butter burger.

Called the ‘Steak Louisiana’, it’s a scotch beef steak burger topped with American CRUNCHY peanut butter and mature cheddar cheese. Argh.


4. The Freakshake

A photo posted by Sensations (@sensations_uk) on

Of course, there’s no better way to honour the peanut than with the recent London craze of the Freakshake. Our pick is Sensations on Holloway Road in Highbury and their OREOPEANUTBROWNIE Speciality Shake, £5.99.

Oreo cookie, smooth peanut butter and chocolate fudge brownie, blended with French Vanilla gelato, topped with in-house fresh cream, rich chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles and a Rossini wafer.


5. The Satay

peanut day
[Thai Square via facebook]
The Thai Square in Trafalgar Square, with its iconic location, authentic and intricate interior and most importantly, its Chicken Satay starter with peanut sauce, £6.95, is a majestic setting fit for the royal peanut. Also found in multiple other London locations.

Chicken breast pieces, marinated and char-grilled on bamboo skewers, served with PEANUT SAUCE. A dish popular all over South-East Asia.


6. The Doughnut

peanut butter day
[Peanut Butter Bakery via Facebook]
There was one very obvious choice for London’s peanut butter doughnut. The Peanut Butter Bakery, found at The boiler House on Brick Lane most weekends, at various vegan events plus an online Etsy shop opening next week. Why is it that 100% vegan doughnuts look so, so much more delicious than regular ones?

Try their PEANUT BUTTER SNICKERS featuring a peanut butter glaze with a slice of homemade ‘snickers’ drizzled with dark chocolate sauce.


7. The Dog

peanut butter day
[Shake Shack via Facebook]
 No need for your best friend to sit out of Peanut Butter Day. At Shake Shack  in five locations across London including Leicester Square, you can get a Pooch-ini for £4.75 and your four-legged friend can munch on Red velvet dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. (Not intended for small dogs).


*Peanuts are not actually nuts at all, they are legumes.

(Feature Image: Shake Shack via Facebook)

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