7 Magical Make-Out Spots In London That’ll Relight The Romance

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7 Magical Make-Out Spots In London That’ll Relight The Romance

A romantic rendezvous in the city (for us, at least), usually consists of beer-goggled eye-batting, 8 Jägerbombs and a sloppy snog. Truly delightful, we know. The stuff movies are made of… As it turns out, however, it really doesn’t have to be this way! London is full of magical spots where a stolen kiss can go undetected from the rest of the world. Be it a first date view or a secret space to say those three words (which aren’t ‘you want another?’), our extraordinary city has the perfect place for you.

1. Whispering Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral

Lovers can stand on opposite sides of the gallery (33m away), whisper sweet, sweet nothings and still hear each other’s words. That’s if you can stand being that far apart…you guys.


2. Crystal Grotto, Painshill

Dating back to 1760, the Crystal Grotto is historical, enchanting and truly magical. Located in Painshill Park, a tranquil escape from city life may just make sparks fly.


3. St Pancras Station


You can’t get much more romantic than a train station and kissing…underneath a beautiful statue of other people kissing. Now that is what movies are made of.


4. St Dunstan-in-the-East, Tower Hill
[Time Out]

A secret garden in the bombed out shell of a former church makes this Grade I listed building a stunning and truly intimate affair.


5. Southbank

Sounds like an obvious choice, but the Southbank never ceases to make us fall in love with London. Long strolls, beautiful views and plenty of places to stop for al fresco affection, this is ideal for any-time-of-day dates.


6. Clos Maggiore, Restaurant
[Clos Maggiore]

Possibly one of the most romantic restaurants in London, Clos Maggiore would be perfect for a special occasion with that special someone.


7. Anywhere and Everywhere!
[Time Out]

To fall in love in London is to fall in love with life.

Featured Image Credit: Dimitar Hristov (Instagram: dimitar_hr)

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