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A Magical Christmas Installation Featuring 14,000 Decorations Has Taken Over This Mayfair Restaurant

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

34 Mayfair

34 Mayfair has transformed into a dazzling winter wonderland.

London restaurant 34 Mayfair has recently unveiled what is possibly the most spectacular Christmas installation we’ve ever seen ā€“ and, trust me, we’ve seen our fair share. Called ‘Miracle at 34’, because of course it is, this festive makeover features 14,000 decorations, including 8,400 glittering baubles covering every inch of the walls and ceilings. We’ll get to that in a moment, though, because the restaurant’s outdoor decorations are… eye-catching to say the very least.

Yes, that is a pair of levitating Boris Johnsons loitering outside the restaurant, in a mocking tribute to that unforgettable moment when the now PM got stuck on a zipwire whilst trying to gee up the crowds for the London Olympics. By way of explanation, 34 Mayfair owner Richard Caring has been rather unimpressed with the government’s handling of the pandemic when it comes to restaurants and hospitality – and since he’s got the space and money for a pair of zipwire Borises… I guess you do you, Richard. Regardless, it’s safe to say we just found winter’s new Instagram hotspot, especially since BoJo has been given a blingy new suit for winter!

I honestly didn’t think they’d have anything else to top 14,000 decorations covering every inch of their dining room, but then again you underestimate Mayfair to your peril…

34 Mayfair

They’re clearly keen to get Christmas off with a bang (hence the early arrival of their decs), and we’re all for it. That goes double for 34 Mayfair’s signature dishes, including 34 lobster mac ā€˜nā€™ cheese with shaved black truffle, cep and champagne risotto, charcoal-grilled steaks, and baked vanilla cheesecake.

34 Mayfair

They take their cocktails seriously at 34 Mayfair, so expect some festive tipples made in collaboration with 2020 alcohol partner Nyetimber. Pop along to check out their Christmas decorations today, but for heaven’s sake, don’t forget your camera!

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