An Epic 24-Hour Skating Session Is Coming To The Somerset House Ice Rink

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24-hour skate

Lace up your skates for this magical 24-hour skate!

Quite honestly, we adore Somerset House’s atmospheric ice rink – something about the gorgeous setting and giant, Fortnum & Mason-bedecked Christmas tree just screams festive. But now, there’s one more excellent reason to love the ice rink, as news has reached us of an ambitious 24-hour skate, which is coming to town on December 7th.

For those of you who feel your way gingerly around the edges (or commandeer one of those handy plastic penguins that are most definitely not just for kids), this is probably a nightmare. For the rest of us though, it’s a unique chance to skate into the wee hours – an altogether more wholesome experience than whiling away the hours in fabric, I’m sure.

24-hour skate
Photo: @somersethouse

As to why Somerset House is doing this, I would posit why the hell not? Truthfully, the all-night skate is the icy sideshow to their upcoming exhibition 24/7, which explores our demanding, non-stop culture through installations and artworks. It’s bound to raise pertinent questions about smartphone addiction, demanding jobs, and sleep deprivation, but I’d wager a spin on the ice will cure most of those ills.

Happily, the all-night skate sessions are available at the cut-down price of £5 per session, which unsurprisingly makes this one of the cheapest skate sessions in London. Somerset House are also promising “surprises throughout the night”, just like any good all-nighter – although this one (probably) won’t end with a greasy kebab at 4am. Tickets won’t go on sale until October, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them, for what amounts to one of the most unique festive experiences in London. See you on the ice!

Find out more and check for tickets here.

Featured image: @somersethouse

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