11 London Food Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram


We’ve put together a who’s who of the London foodie scene on Instagram.

Expect flat-lays aplenty and hundreds of #foodporn pictures.

1. @mondomulia


London brunch aficionado and co-founder of @IGbrunchclub, Giulia takes pictures of pretty dishes she eats in London and also further afield. She has 57.9k loyal followers and has posted over 3,600 times.

2. @food_feels


Aussie founder of @food_feels, James, has over 108k followers and has posted a mere 1,349 times. His focus is pretty broad, basically anything yummy he eats gets snapped and posted.

3. @clerkenwellboyec1


The big daddy of the London food Instagram scene, anonymous Clerkenwell Boy has over 164k followers and has posted a whopping 8,659 images. He’s the go-to Instagrammer for London food recommendations. Nigella Lawson herself even named him ‘essential’.

4. @ldncheapeats


Snapping pictures of budget bites in London (everything shown comes in at under £8). This account has 54.8k followers and was created by travel and food blogger Leyla, of @thecutlerychronicles.

5. @candidsbyjo


Adding an artistic touch to food photography, you can expect a very pretty conflation of food close-ups and landscapes. Jo has gained 112k followers over just 1,199 posts, so she must be doing something very right.

6. @ks_ate_here


A true #foodporn account that isn’t the slightest bit calorie-conscious. Probably not the best one to follow if you’re on any kind of ‘clean eating’ diet. KS boasts 61.3k followers and 6,254 mouth-watering posts.

7. @infatuation_london


Infatuation claims to be a truly authentic food blog aka an Instagram account that doesn’t promote food simply because it’s free. They’ve gained 58.8k followers after 1,344 posts expressing their unfiltered food opinions.

8. @the.xandwich


The Xandwich is dedicated to the humble sandwich in its many beautiful forms. Burger, wrap, taco, or toastie – anything goes here. This relatively modest account has just 15.1k followers and 128 posts, but they’re one to watch.

9. @felicityspector


A self-confessed sweet tooth, you can expect loads of sugary snaps on Felicity Spector’s Instagram account. She’s got 49.2k followers over 2,059 posts and mainly showcases simple flat lays.

10. @dandoherty_


Dan Doherty is the Chef Director of London highrise favourite Duck and Waffle. Needless to say: we trust his judgement. He’s gained 69.6k followers over 2.903 posts and showcases snaps of his own dishes at Duck and Waffle and of other London restaurants.

11. @igbrunchclub


A collaboration between @mondomulia, @ClerkenwellBoyEC1, @charlottehuco, @tschang, @heartdrive, and @izyhossack focusing on brunch inspiration. With 10.8k followers after only 154 posts, this account is definitely another up-and-coming London food resource.

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