A Group Of Circus Performers Lined Up To Get Vaccinated In Full Costume

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

zippos circus performers line up in costume to get vaccinated

These circus performers don’t clown around when it comes to getting vaccinated.

In an oddly endearing shot, performers of London’s Zippos Circus are seen queueing outside an East London vaccination centre — in full costume. The group was able to get vaccinated with the help of GP Dr. Sharon Raymond and her Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation (CCRF), which has recently launched the ‘Vaxi Taxi’ programme to help vulnerable and marginalised groups get access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to their jabs, the artists received full health checks in East Ham, as traveling and performing puts them at risk of contracting the virus, despite running socially-distanced shows. Their schedule also makes it difficult to get vaccination appointments, which is why the CCRF initiative stepped in to help.

What a sight to behold for those who had their vaccination appointments on the same day! Reckon we’ll see more people dress up to get their jabs now?

If you’d like to see more of these guys, check out Zippos Circus’ website to find out where to catch their next show.

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