If You’re Bored Of All The Politics, How About Some Paw-litics?

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It’s election day! And we all know what that means….

Lots of people exposing their political beliefs on Facebook, blocking people who take it just that tiny bit too far, and lots of hilarious memes about “naughty” politicians.

But besides all that, there’s always one thing we look forward to the most on election day, and that’s #DogsAtPollingAtStations.


Can we vote for this good boy?


Phoebe is a bit confused. Who is Theresa May, and can she take me for a walk?


These little pups have done their bit for society


Mabel is just SO excited to be involved


Gus dragged his human out early because he thought they were going to the park


Give the doggos what they want!


If Sprocket can show up to vote, you have no excuse


So who will it be Phaedra? The Grrrrreen Party or the Canineservatives?


You’ve got our vote, Piglet!


Solid priorities, Gracie. We have to agree…


How on earth are you going to choose, Luke?!


We wonder who Stanley is voting for 🤔


This guy is just so over it


Mildred is one feisty Corbynista


“Hey mum, do I get a treat for this?!”


And finally, this poor little guy is feeling seriously left out.


Feature Image: @Torty_Tweets

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