World Zombie Day Returns To Terrify London This Saturday

Once again, the undead will roam the streets of London as World Zombie Day unleashes hell upon the living.

They roam around central London, shuffling through the streets with a vacant look in their eyes. They move slowly in search of food, looking like they’ve just risen from the grave. No, we aren’t talking about stag parties dealing with the next-day hangover. We’re talking about the horde of zombies that will be shambling through London on World Zombie Day 2017.

World Zombie Day
Someone didn’t get the memo…

Yes, keep a watchful eye on your limbs this Saturday, as the undead will fill the streets in numbers that would make George A. Romero quiver. And if you’re still nursing the scars from last year’s event, then we have some bad news. This year marks the tenth anniversary of World Zombie Day, so expect it to be bigger and bloodier than ever before!

Should you desire to keep your brains uneaten, we’d recommend avoiding Harrington Square Gardens at 12pm, as this is where the undead will begin their unholy congregation. If you do want to join in, it’s important that you register for a place over on their website.

World Zombie Day

The hellish parade will end at the Piccadilly Institute, site of the after(life) party which begins at 6pm. How do zombies party, we hear you ask? Like it’s the apocalypse, of course, with human food and cocktails to wash down those delicious brainnnnnssss. Make sure you’re inside by 8pm though, as there is no late entry. Those zombies may look braindead, but they run a tight ship!

The revels will last until 3am, at which point we assume a cure will be found – it’s the cocktails, we tells ya – and the undead will return to their human form. At least we hope they will, or London is going to have bigger problems than delays on the Jubilee line…

World Zombie Day

If you haven’t already made plans to go to The Winchester and wait for all of this to blow over, then why not join the horde? You’ll need a costume to blend in with your undead pals, so break out the ripped clothes and fake scars – we’re going a-feasting! The parade is free to join, but you will need to register for a ticket to march with your nightmarish brethren. Entrance to the afterparty will set you back £5, and tickets for both can be purchased here.

All funds raised will go to St Mungo’s Broadway, which works to combat homelessness. Even if you’re busy running for the hills, you can still donate here, or text BRNZ66 £3 to 70070. So you can rest in peace knowing that you’ve satisfied your hunger for human flesh whilst still doing good deeds. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Fancy something a little calmer and a lot less terrifying this weekend? Swing by the Tate Modern, they’ve got an interactive art exhibition that involves chatting to strangers on swings.

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