Forage Up A Feast At This Incredible Woodland Dining Experience

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Forage Up A Feast At This Incredible Woodland Dining Experience

Take your taste buds on a wild adventure with this alfresco dining experience!

If you’re looking for an evening of mystery and intrigue then we think this wonderful woodland adventure will be the perfect thing. Nomadic have just unveiled their all-new woodland foraged feast and we have to say, it looks pretty incredible. Get your tickets to this unforgettable meal here, and read on for more.

This immersive dining experience is truly unlike any we’ve seen before. In fact, it’s so original that we can barely tell you anything about it. Utterly illusive, the exact details of this incredible alfresco adventure will only be revealed to you once you’ve booked your spot at this super secretive supper table. But for now, let us tell you what we do know…

Wherever you’re going, we know it isn’t further than an hour outside of London; so feel free to dispel all fears of being caught up in the Cotswolds without a train back to town for days on end.

When you arrive at said secret destination, you’ll enter a stunning woodland glade and be handed a cocktail which has been crafted with botanicals harvested from the local land. Sip your refined refreshment as you admire the amazing views and feel very far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Next, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of the sprawling estate¬†and be given the chance to forage for some of the evening’s ingredients. (Don’t worry, experts will be on hand to guide you so you don’t end up garnishing your dish with a particularly poisonous piece of vegetation!) But we reckon being involved in the process of finding the food makes this woodland feast taste a whole load better.

After gathering together your ingredients, you’ll be escorted to dine on a large birch tree table, surrounded by ancient forestry, fabulous flora and roaming animals. Watch wild deer wander about in the distance and little bunnies hop about not too far from your feet. (We’re sort of picturing a scene like those bits in Snow White when all the little animals help her tidy up and get dressed, etc.)

Anyway, once seated, prepare to enjoy an enchanting four course meal. With loads of the produce picked and grown on the land, it’s guaranteed that every dish will be packed full of fresh and fragrant flavours.¬†Listen to the crackling of the open fire, look up at the stars in the clear night sky and experience an array of taste sensations.

Top the evening off with handpicked herbal teas and a wander back through the woods in a dreamy state of satisfaction. Really, it couldn’t get more perfect for any foodies out there who want to unleash their sense of adventure.

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