Sleep Like A Baby In A Hotel Inspired By The Safety And Snugness Of The Womb

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Sleep Like A Baby In A Hotel Inspired By The Safety And Snugness Of The Womb

Bedrooms at The Zed Rooms in Shoreditch have been designed to imitate the safety and snugness of the womb.

Ever find yourself tossing and turning at night after one too many pm coffees? Well, it’s about time you caught some top quality zzzs.

These quirky apartments are a collaboration between sleep technology company Simba, and design-led serviced apartments Cuckooz. Developed over a period of nine months (that’s no coincidence), the rooms have soft pink walls and muted lighting, and have been designed to encourage relaxation, positivity and REM-rich sleep.

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Mirroring the last few weeks of pregnancy—when the baby’s REM sleep is at a lifetime high of about twelve hours a day*—the ‘womb’ room is designed in such a way that helps you feel safe and sleepy from the first moment you step through the door.

Sleeping in an unfamiliar place can often set off a ‘red alert’ in our brain, but The Zed Rooms’ designers have done plenty of research into the science of sleep, and have ensured that the bedroom will make you feel secure, just as you would inside a womb. Sleep in the cocoon-like bed upon a cloud-like mattress, and take in the calming scents and colours around you. There’ll also be rocking chairs to help you switch-off, yoga mats and virtual meditation sessions, and air cleansing soporific plants to eliminate toxins. You’ll (quite literally) sleep like a baby.

Rooms start at £190 a night, and you can book here.

All images courtesy of Billy Bolton. 



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