These Amazing Winter Cocktail Kits Are The Perfect Festive Gift

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pernod create cocktails cocktail kits

You can make all your favourite cocktails at home this Christmas with these handy cocktail kits!

There are many things that we love about Christmas, but festive cocktails are definitely up there. Which is why we’re so excited about these amazing at-home cocktail kits from Create Cocktails. They’re the perfect solution to what is likely to be a very different festive season this year. Whether it’s for Zoom drinks with your friends and family, a virtual office Christmas party, or whether it’s a thoughtful gift idea that you’re after – Create Cocktails has got you covered.

From Chocolate Orange Martinis to Festive Negronis, there are loads of different cocktails to choose from, including non-alcoholic options. Have a quick gander at the full drinks menu below:

pernod create cocktails cocktail kits

  • Absolut PassionStar Martini
  • Absolut Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini
  • Lillet Christmas Mimosa
  • Jameson Fireside Old Fashioned
  • Beefeater Festive Negroni
  • Chivas Highball
  • CEDER’S Pink Spritz (non-alcoholic)
  • CEDER’S Booch Blossom (non-alcoholic)

And if they all sound delicious and you can’t pick just one, there’s always the Multi-Box which includes the PassionStar Martini, the Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini and the Festive Negroni. We’ll raise a glass to that trifecta!

pernod create cocktails cocktail kits

Create Cocktails makes everything really easy for you with these pre-packed kits containing all the ingredients you’ll need to make your chosen drinks. And don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned mixologist, each kit comes with a recipe card with step-by-step instructions. Meanwhile, for those of you who are visual learners, it also includes access to a 5-minute video masterclass which will guide you through the process of mixing your cocktails perfectly. So easy! And did we mention they get delivered to your door?

These cocktail kits make an incredible gift for a lucky friend or loved one, and you can even add lovely bespoke touches like personalised bottles on request. Or if you’re feeling fancy, why not treat yourself to your favourite kit – Christmas day cocktails, anyone?

pernod create cocktails cocktail kits

Oh, and if you’re in charge of planning your office Christmas party this year then you might want to take a look at the Corporate Christmas collection. That’s right folks, the office party is not cancelled! It’s just going virtual. Create Cocktails can organise cocktail kits to be sent out to all your employees, including ingredients for two cocktails, a glass of prosecco and some tasty nibbles. Extra touches like branded boxes, specific cocktail requests and personalised bottles are available on request.

Tempted by a festive tipple? Prices range from £37.50 to £55 per cocktail kit (including delivery), and each box is made fresh and dispatched the next day if you order before 11pm. Browse the full collection of cocktail kits here.

Shop the Create Cocktails winter drinks collection here. 18+ only, with valid ID. Please drink responsibly.

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