A Hologram Version Of Whitney Houston Will Play London This March

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Whitney Houston

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you – Whitney is back!

Somewhere in the last few years, we really tumbled headlong into the future, didn’t we? First Peter Cushing gave a steely performance in Rogue One, despite having been dead for twenty-two years. Now, one of music’s biggest icons is pitching up to play the Hammersmith Apollo in March, despite passing away in 2012. Yep, the Whitney Houston hologram tour is coming, and tickets can be found right here.

Holo-Whitney has quite the tour planned, with stops all over the UK and Europe on her six-week itinerary; naturally we’re most interested on the London date, which is March 10th, 2020. (Our friends in the north can also pick up tickets to the Manchester show here!) ‘An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour’ has been sanctioned by the singer’s former manager and her estate, and features a live band, dancers, and top-notch choreography. At the heart of all this is Holo-Whitney, who’ll belt out hits including I Wanna Dance With Somebody and I Will Always Love You (side note: there’s a lot of “I this” and “I that” in her music – it’s not all about you, Whitney…).

Photo: @basehologram

The technical side of bringing Holo-Whitney to life has been managed by BASE Hologram, who’ve also resurrected Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Maria Callas, and the dinosaurs for the purpose of audience enjoyment. Mercifully, they’re not making any cameos on the Whitney tour – although admittedly a rendition of Higher Love with Holo-Whitney surrounded by raptors would be fucking badass!

It all sounds pretty epic, although I can’t help but think this all ends in a future where your hologram goes to watch concerts whilst you sit at home with your feet up…

Get your tickets to the London show here, and find Manchester tickets here.

Featured image: @basehologram

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