A Night Of Wonderful Whiskies And Live Comedy Is Heading To Hackney

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A Night Of Wonderful Whiskies And Live Comedy Is Heading To Hackney

At The Singleton Supper Club, dinner is served with a side of irreverence.

As a generation, we’re pretty used to being led by our passions, headfirst into exciting new experiences. Well, a sophisticated new supper club arriving in London in June will offer you the chance to do just that, by ignoring the crowd and forging your own path. Supper With A Side of Humour By The Singleton is an unapologetically enjoyed night of top comedy, delicious food, and perfectly balanced whisky, running on June 13th and 26th – and tickets are available here.

The Singleton do whisky rather differently; indeed, there’s a reason their symbol is the salmon, defiantly swimming upstream against convention. Slow-crafted yet unfussy, award-winning yet unshowy, The Singleton isn’t your traditional whisky, and they’re out to prove it at this supper club. It’s a perfect combination of delicious tastes that you don’t want to miss.

Taking a delightfully unconventional approach to dining – mirroring their approach to whisky – Supper With A Side of Humour By The Singleton is hosted by a top notch comedian, who’ll bring a little levity to proceedings. Hosted at the charming Hackney Coffee Company, you’ll enjoy a delectable three-course meal created by a celebrated London chef, known for their work at one of the capital’s best-loved restaurants (in fact, this chef has already graced the pages of Secret London, if you fancy having a guess!). Here, you’ll be able to sample a range of dishes, combined in unusual and innovative ways.

Complementing this mouthwatering array of food is a series of perfectly-balanced whisky cocktails. As you might have guessed, The Singleton aren’t stuffy when it comes to their whisky, and are keen to show it off in a variety of delicious ways. Expect inventive ingredients, unusual combinations, and a little bit of flair – after all, a one size serve does not fit all.

When it comes to the drinks, here’s what to expect:

The Singleton Seaside Soda, made up of Singleton 12YO, Chipshop cordial, Lemon soda and caperberries, it’s one to sip on at the start of the evening. There’s also The Singleton Trade Route, made up of Singleton 15YO, Pineapple and Turmeric Sugar and Angostura Bitters. It comes served in an Old Fashioned style glass with a block of ice. Finally, enjoy a Singleton Scotch Mist: Singleton 18YO, blackcurrant jelly, Tonka icecream and a delicious aroma.

It’s a pretty unmissable event, particularly when you consider the fifty-five whisky awards The Singleton have already won (although you won’t hear them brag about that). Whether you’re a seasoned whisky drinker or just an open-minded soul, you’ll find yourself very welcome here. We’ll be revealing more details about Supper With A Side of Humour By The Singleton very shortly – but for now, find your tickets here and prepare yourself for an evening of unapologetic enjoyment!

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