The Wembley Arch Will Light Up Blue Each Night To Show Appreciation For NHS Staff

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Wembley Arch

You may be blue about the lack of football, but the Wembley Arch is blue for a really lovely reason…

Across the locked-down cities of Spain and France, residents have been holding nightly rounds of applause to thank hospital staff for their tireless efforts during a time of crisis. Here in London, one of our most recognisable landmarks is getting in on the trend, as the Wembley Arch will illuminate in blue each night, to thank each and every NHS worker for the hours they’ve been putting it to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. (Featured image: Wembley Stadium)

It’s a small but welcome token of appreciation for the work currently being done by doctors, nurses, paramedics, surgeons, administrators, porters, bank staff, cleaners, and anyone else who is working long, stressful hours to help contain the virus. The Wembley Arch will be lit for the foreseeable future, so if you’re in northwest London, look to the skyline when night falls, and give a little thanks yourself.

Kindness, decency, and respect – they’re coming home, lads…

In other good news for NHS staff, they can get free drinks and 50% off food at Pret!

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