Wedding Bouncy Castles Are A Thing And We’re Completely Head Over Heels For Them

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Wedding Bouncy Castles Are A Thing And We’re Completely Head Over Heels For Them

Wedding bouncy castles exist and all of a sudden adulting doesn’t seem so scary.

Enjoy a fun throwback to your carefree childhood days while doing the biggest, scariest adult thing you could possibly do. That’s right kids, wedding bouncy castles are a thing and we’re seriously contemplating popping the question right now just so we can rent one of these ultra-Instagrammable castles.


While white bouncy castles probably aren’t an entirely original concept, the gorgeous flower-covered inflatables from A Wedding Wonderland have sent the internet into full-on panic mode. You can almost hear the worldwide web breaking into a thousand tiny pieces.

Their bridal bouncy castles even come complete with a selection of lovely floral decorations:


Just imagine the joy-filled, candid snaps you’ll get as you bounce with abandon along with your bride tribe.

Not altogether unexpectedly, the demand for these castles has gone so off the charts that this particular company has thrown in the towel for weddings outside North East England. But Londoners need not move their upcoming nuptials up to Newcastle, because loads of other rival bouncy castle companies have jumped on the bandwagon… albeit with slightly less ‘grammable castles.


All I know is, if the next wedding I attend doesn’t feature of these bad boys, I’m going to be mildly disappointed.

If you’re actually getting married and you’re looking for a space to park your inflatable fort, check out these stunning wedding venue suggestions from our friends at VenueScanner.

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