Mark Wahlberg Is Opening A Burger Restaurant In Covent Garden This Month

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Marky Mark and family are bringing their Wahlburgers to the UK.

No, that’s not our pun, although we do highly approve. The restaurant literally is called Wahlburgers, and it’ll be opening in Covent Garden on May 20th. The burger restaurant is the creation of the Brothers Wahlberg: film star Mark, once of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (put it into Youtube if you’re too young to remember), Donnie, formerly of New Kids on the Block (again, Youtube ’em), and Paul, who as far as I can tell has never been in a band, but is a dab hand at cooking. Which probably makes him the most crucial brother for this adventure.

The Wahlberg brothers, from left to right: Donnie, Paul, and Mark. Photo: @wahlburgers

Since 2011, the brothers have owned and operated Wahlburgers in 24 locations across the US and Canada. Now, they’re following the lead of Shake Shack, Five Guys, and the rest of the US burger gang in making the move across the pond. Wahlburgers have netted a prime location at 8-9 James Street, and they’ll be throwing open the doors later this month.

Photo: @wahlburgers

No word yet on the Wahlburger favourites which will make the hop across the Atlantic. The US menu is unsurprisingly heavy on American classics, but with some more exotic fare like the Thanksgiving Turkey Burger and a decent range of sandwiches. The ‘Wahl sauce’ also makes a fair few appearances, but I’ve frankly got no idea what’s in it. Salads and sides (such as the distinctly American tater tots) might make the trip, and the puns continue on the children’s menu with the likes of Smahlburgers. If nearby by Chloe is anything to go by, expect to see some British-themed offerings make an appearance too.

Photo: @wahlburgers

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the burgers, then there is a way to get a sneaky look at them. Wahlburgers is also the name of the reality TV show which follows the ups and downs of the family business, and it’s impressively run for over eight seasons now. Honestly, it’s your best chance to preview the offerings of these new kids on the block…

Featured image: @wahlburgers

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