5 Reasons You Need To Visit London’s Thrilling Army Of The Dead VR Experience

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne - Staff Writer

Army of the Dead

We’ve all felt that trickle of dread when watching a zombie movie. What if this became a reality? Am I more of a fight or flight kind of person? Do I even have any skills that I could bring to a devastating dystopian future? Ok, that’s getting into dangerous territory…but the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am action scenes of Netflix’s Army of the Dead do inspire a certain kind of badassery that make you think you could take on hundreds of the flesh-eating creatures.

Viva Las Vengeance: A VR Experience lets you unleash your wilder side and put yourself in the tactical gear and combat boots of Dave Bautista and the gang. As if that isn’t tempting enough, we have five reasons why you should grab a ticket for this immersive experience now.

Fake guns line the walls at the Army of the Dead VR experience at Westfield London.

1. A chance to test your zombie combat skills (and indulge in some friendly competition)

In the (albeit extremely unlikely) event of a zombie apocalypse you don’t want to be thrown in the deep end. This VR experience gives you an ideal opportunity to find out how you may fare on a zombie-infested battlefield, with none of the actual risk or gore you might encounter in reality. You can simply blow off steam from a heavy work week or face off against your friends to see who can rack up the highest zombie kill count – all in good fun of course. Do you thrive in the midst of the chaos, shooting with wild abandon, or do your calm as steel nerves find you killing with deadly accuracy from afar? When you emerge from the fight, you’ll be able to see your shooting metrics and discover whether you are indeed an epic slayer, or just a sloppy rookie.

2. Amazing mixed-reality features that immerse you in Zach Snyder’s zombified world

When you arrive and pass by the half-decayed zombie tiger (aka Valentine) lurking in Viva Las Vengeance you’ll know you’re in for something special. To kick things off, fantastic professional actors will give you the lowdown with a suspenseful briefing – already putting you in the mindset of a mercenary. Then, from the moment you clamber on board the tactical taco truck, to staggering out at the end of the epic mission, you will be surrounded by incredibly realistic props and decor. Rifles mounted on industrial walls, military radio equipment and ominous quarantine signs set the scene, while every shuddering ripple of an explosion and wild swerve of the truck is felt through the VR gear you wear.

3. Top-quality technology brings every detail to life

As many who have already seized the opportunity can contest, there is no skimping on the virtual part of this virtual reality experience. Once you have chosen your gun and are fitted with a VR headset and tracking mitts you’ll enter the video part of the game. The digital zombies are effectively scary and (un)lifelike, striking a good amount of fear into your heart with bloodthirsty lunges, while your fellow recruits (aka friends) also will appear on-screen – in the form of their chosen avatar – so there’ll be no friendly fire. The battleground you’ll be faced with from the confines of the tactical taco truck is fittingly hectic, with out-of-control helicopters, surprise explosions and, of course, a hell of a lot of zombies keeping you on your toes.

4. There are plenty of mementos to remember the experience

It might have been a bit of team bonding, a competition among friends or just a good bit of fun that left you with an adrenaline high. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to immortalise the (hopefully) successful mission. Luckily, Viva Las Vengeance have provided you a number of ways to do just that. When you emerge from the truck you will have the option to pose for some badass photos with the gang. Plus, there’s some great Army of the Dead memorabilia to be found in the gift shop – from graphic tees to your very own survival kit.

5. It’s only here for a limited time

What better reason to book tickets now than the knowledge that it will soon be impossible? Viva Las Vengeance is only at Westfield London in White City for a certain amount of time and it’s departure date of December 23 is getting ever closer. Whether you were trapped by indecision or waiting for pay day, this is surely a sign not to hesitate any longer and clear your schedule for some zombie-shooting fun. Just like the apocalyptic stakes of the film, you don’t have all the time in the world so you better seize the opportunity while you can.

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