An ‘Honesty Wine Bar’ Will Appear In London This September

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Vinery London

At Vinery London, you drink wine and then pay what you think is fair.

Trust is a wonderful thing to have in these, erm, uncertain times. Putting their trust to the test this year are Vinery London, the sometime pop-up which operates the city’s only ‘honest wine bar‘. Yep, that means they’re entrusting you with setting the price of your rounds.

Vinery London
Photo: @mattthelist

Must be dreamy to have that much faith in humanity, but I guess the sure sign of the sustainability of Vinery London’s business model is the fact that they’ve been doing this for three years now. At the beginning of the evening, you pay £7.50 for your ticket and wine glass, which you then top up to your heart’s content throughout the evening. At the night’s end, you donate an amount which reflects how much you’ve had, and how much you thought the wine was worth – be honest though!

Vinery London
Photo: @Meli_Cinpix

Vinery London have two dates before the year’s end: Friday, September 13th, and a downright dangerous festive affair on Friday, December 6th, both at Benk + BO in Spitalfields. It sounds like a grape soiree, although I see the cunning ruse behind it: the drunker one gets on excellent wine, the merrier one becomes, and the more profligate you become with your money. Absolutely worth it though…

Find out more and book tickets from their Instagram page.

Featured image: @Meli_Cinpix

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