A Vertical Park Is Coming To A Covent Garden Building

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As part of a green initiative highlighting the area’s horticultural heritage, a new vertical park will be installed on a Covent Garden building.

Yeah, you heard us correctly. Not a horizontal park but a vertical one because, well, London never fails to surprise us.

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This living wall will cover over 1,500 sq ft of the building that lies on the corner of Long Acre and James Street. You can expect the vertical park to be a colourful affair as pink, red and mauve flowers will all be planted to draw attention to the park all year round.

[Before the vertical park]
A whopping 8,000 plants spanning 21 different species will be planted on the building for multiple purposes, including refining the quality of the air, capture pollution particles, increase the area’s biodiversity and of course, look pretty and floral.

The park will be watered by a drip irrigation system and was installed by abseiling living wall specialists, Biotecture. It’s clearly got some snazzy technology involved so it’s set to be a park like no other, that’s for sure.

[And after the vertical park]
Seeing as we’re not getting our Garden Bridge, this is a big step for London’s blossoming agricultural scene. Covent Garden is already booming and blooming with over 100 flower crates dotted around the Piazza but this will be a lovely new addition.

Vertical garden
Hard at work on an indoor ‘test’ wall. Photo: @biotecture_

Richard Sabin, the managing director of Biotecture, states that: “This new living wall will provide an inspiring natural enrichment of the urban environment that will help people to feel healthier and be more in tune with nature when visiting Covent Garden.” Yay for nature.

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