11 Brilliantly Bizarre Things To See At Vault Festival 2019

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Vault Festival

The programme for 2019’s VAULT Festival has been revealed.

Something is stirring deep beneath the streets of Waterloo. A compelling circus of over 400 shows, VAULT Festival runs until March 17, championing innovative and risk-taking performances from the worlds of comedy, theatre, and performance art. You’ll find shows to dazzle and discombobulate you, from the weird to the wonderful and back again. Below, we’ve found a few highlights for which the lovely folks at Fever have sorted your tickets. How nice of them!

1. Vulvarine

Vault Festival

Bryony Buckle is your average office worker, until a rogue session of hormone therapy transforms her into Vulvarine, the hero of womankind. Fresh from a sellout run at the Edinburgh Fringe, this fab feminist musical is not to be missed. Find your tickets here.

2. Sketch You Up!

Vault Festival

A brand new comedy sketch show drawing on creator Dan Robinson’s life experiences, expect wry observational humour about pushy mums, call centre operators, and being straight in a gay world. Tickets available here.

3. Mortified Live

Vault Festival

Don’t throw away that embarrassing teenage diary you unearthed last year – there’s comedy gold hidden in those pages! Brave Londoners will be heading up on stage to swap stories of awkward encounters, first crushes, and unwittingly incisive insights into teenage life. Get your tickets here.

4. Cabaret Sauvignon and a Single VAULT Whiskey

Vault Festival

Stories, songs, and copious amounts of drinking – yep, we’re very into this one. Award-winning hosts Stiff and Kitsch invite a host of funny friends along to try and answer the question: what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done whilst drunk? Tickets available here.

5. The Silent Disco Show

Vault Festival

It’s a silent disco, but like you’ve never seen it before. Once you’ve got your headphones, you can choose your own adventure with three different channels, and cabaret, sing-alongs, circus, and dancing, for an unforgettable night. Grab your tickets here.

6. Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist

Vault Festival

A sellout run at the Fringe followed much-hyped performances in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. To research her next role, acclaimed actress Tilda Swinton responds to an ad on Craigslist, and winds up invading the life of a depressed gay man. Insta-famous Tom Lenk gives a “gloriously camp performance” as Swinton, and the whole thing looks like a hoot. Tickets can be found here.

7. Hypnagogue

Vault Festival

VAULT Festival is full of shows that are a little different, and that’s certainly true for Hypnagogue. Using storytelling, gongs, and a touch of hypnotherapy, this transformative show will take you on a memorable journey. Get tickets here.


Vault Festival

Retelling the story of Caenis, the former slave and mistress of Roman emperor Vespasian, this production employs electronic music, digital landscapes, and experimental prose, all whilst inviting you to write your own mythology. Find tickets here.

9. An Evening With…

Vault Festival

With whom, we hear you ask. Well, with whomever the audience decides they want! An improvised chat show, An Evening With… compels cast members to stay in character (chosen via audience suggestion) for an hour-long interview, all the while dealing with zany curveballs thrown by the host. Tickets are available here.

10. I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn’t

Vault Festival

Three preening contestants are all set to battle it out for the title of “Most Admired Person” – but their fate is in your hands in this interactive theatre performance, masquerading as a madcap game show. Your tickets are here.

11. Cat Loud: To the End of the World

Vault Festival

A musical exploration of the end of the world, Cat Loud’s award-winning show is a poignant yet hilarious look at the nature of regret, hope, and anxiety. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get tickets, but just in case, you can find them here.

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