A Wall Outside King’s Cross Station Is Dispensing FREE WINE

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A Wall Outside King’s Cross Station Is Dispensing FREE WINE

For one day only, passersby can claim complimentary glasses of wine from a billboard outside King’s Cross Station.

On Tuesday December 17, Vagabond are celebrating the launch of their new wine bar in Canary Wharf by handing out free wine… in King’s Cross. Dispensed from a giant brick-look billboard, there’ll be glasses of both red and white wine available until 8pm.

As well as honouring the new addition to the Vagabond family, this stunt also marks 100 years since the prohibition began, when ‘wine bricks’ were used by winemakers to sneak alcohol to customers. If patrons left said bricks in a bucket of water for three weeks in a dark room, it would turn into wine – but of course, the labels on these bricks instructed them to do exactly the opposite, so they could legally get away with it.

“Do NOT leave brick in a bucket of water. Especially if it’s in a dark room. And definitely DON’T leave it in water in a dark room for three weeks. That may result in wine, and that would be VERY BAD.” 

Subtle. I love it.

Get your hands on free wine from 11am–8pm on Tuesday December 17.

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