An All-New Underground Champagne Bar Has Opened Over At Pall Mall • 116 Pall Mall Champagne Bar

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

An All-New Underground Champagne Bar Has Opened Over At Pall Mall • 116 Pall Mall Champagne Bar

Sometimes in life, there’s only one way to celebrate. Just got engaged? Champagne. Promotion at work? Ditto. Completing that task you were putting off for weeks? Oh, go on. Simply making it through to Friday. You earned a glass of the good stuff.

So, if you’re a fellow worshipper of that kind of mindset, then we’re obliged to let you know about London’s latest underground bar for downing that sweet nectar of the gods. Yep, 116 Pall Mall Champagne Bar by Searcys is dead cert to become a mainstay of the slick big city Champagne sippers, and you can enjoy its classy setting right now.

And, since today is 1. a Friday (see above) and 2. World Champagne Day; there’s really no better time to check the new underground bar out. You won’t find many Champagne bars sitting behind a Grade-I listed building that reveals this hidden diamond beneath the floors.

Expect one of the largest selection of Magnums in the entire city, with an array of fizz and some classic bar bites. Not only that, but you can indulge in your glass of bubbly with the knowledge that you’re in the space that once held the wine cellars of the Prince of Wales and the United Service Club. Turned into this fancy Champagne Bar, guests will witness a transformation that boasts the original iron gate cellar doors to the converted cellar with vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork, plush navy-blue seating, and long wood-topped bar, complete with a private dining room

Moreover, it’s tough to think of a better location for a glass of the celebration tonic, sat just by Haymarket’s two theatres and the bustling Regent Street. A glass before heading into a performance never goes amiss. Choose from a vast selection, including Brut, Demi-Sec and Rosé, plus their long list of magnums from the likes of Moët et Chandon, Drappier, and Dom Pérignon.

Tasty Champagne cocktails; mouth-watering bar snacks–think Confit duck rillette with sourdough, cheese platters and more– that compliment your tipple; and a selection of events including Jazz nights, Champagne masterclasses and pairing dinners complete the fun brought to you by Searcys.

Find more information and book your spot at 116 Pall Mall Champagne Bar here

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