UK Breaks Daily Record With Over 660,000 Vaccinations In Just One Day

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600,000 vaccinations

The UK hit a new vaccination record of over 660,000 jabs in just one day.

On Thursday, March 19, the mass vaccination rollout reached a new daily record! A whopping 660,276 Covid-19 vaccinations were administered across the UK – most of which were first doses. In addition, over 132,000 Brits received their second jab and are now on their way to full immunisation. As it stands, the daily vaccination seven-day average is just over 420,000 which will likely increase as the rollout continues.

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It has been three months since Margaret Keenan became the first person in the world to get the Pfizer vaccine on December 8, 2020, and over 26 million people have now received at least one NHS vaccination. At the moment, the over 50 group are being called in for their vaccinations, as the priority list continues to move down the age group.

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We’ve seen further developments to aid the vaccination efforts, including London’s Science Museum being turned into a mass vaccination centre. Almost half of all UK adults have now had their first vaccination, and with the roadmap out of lockdown set to ease restrictions in a matter of weeks, there’s cautious hope that a return to normality is coming very soon.

In other news, Iceland is now welcoming UK visitors who’ve been fully vaccinated.

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