The 24 Sassiest Twitter Responses To Donald Trump’s UK Visit

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Trump visit

Sass and class (occasionally) from Twitter after the news breaks.

So, it’s been confirmed that Donald Trump will be visiting the UK this summer for bilateral talks with Theresa May and a meet-and-greet with the Queen. Whilst the July 13th isn’t a full state visit (so the Don won’t get a fancy dinner), it’s still, erm, a touchy subject. And Twitter had a couple of thoughts on the matter…

1. The question on everyone’s lips.


2. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of Sassytown.

(Shade, consider yourself thrown.)

3. I mean, free bank holiday?

4. Because no-one’s going to get any work done, let’s be honest.

5. This kind of narrows down your options, Donald.

6. Larry the Cat is having none of that, thank you very much.

7. This guy hit him where it hurts.


8. Perhaps in place of the national anthem?


9. Some people got creative.

10. But then again…

11. Words from someone who’s seen it all.

12. But is it better than Secret Service protection?

13. How else do you deal with an unwanted guest?

14. Oh, maybe like this!

15. Alternatively…

16. Some groups have suggested he go to Scotland instead.

17. How has that gone down in Scotland?

18. Something makes me think this isn’t actually Boris Johnson…

19. But this one actually is Boris Johnson, and he’s clearly been taking ‘Twitter 101 with Donald Trump’.

20. Talk about kicking up a stink…

21. Alternative visitors were unavailable.

22. In place of Glastonbury, we’ve got OrangeFest.


23. People are already working on the signs.

24. Well, we may not want him here, but at least we’re polite about it!

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