99 Excellent Tweets That Sum Up The UK’s Response To Coronavirus

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Twitter responses to coronavirus

There are two important responses to this pandemic: the medical response, and the Twitter response.

Has there ever been a moment in human history when Twitter wasn’t there to unleash a wave of hot takes? I’m struggling to remember, to be honest, and unsurprisingly with the coronavirus pandemic on everyone’s minds, Twitter has blown up with a range of witty, daft, and downright weird responses.

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We’d never lose sight of the fact that this is a serious virus that’s exacting a tragic toll, and we must do everything in our power to help contain the spread – so please read this at home with immaculately washed hands. Still, we could all do with a little levity right now, so enjoy our roundup of the best Twitter responses to the coronavirus outbreak.

These Twitter responses have unfolded in waves, cresting at simply the right moment. First, there was the befuddlement at trying to wrap one’s head around the reality of a pandemic. There’s no right way to go about this, really.

The news was once easily ignored, but now it’s everywhere and you’re hanging on every word.

Then, as reality bites, we started to realise the gravity of the situation.

Clearly, it was way past time to get organised. First stop is naturally the supermarket, for whatever supplies were left.

(Wait for it…)

Lockdown also invites us to enter the brave new world: the kitchen. Dare you cook, or simply retreat to the warm embrace of a takeaway?

(There are drawbacks to such a plan, however)

Speaking of brave new worlds, most of us are having to make the terrifying shift to working from home, which requires – nay, demands – a whole new mindset.

Naturally, if you live in London and are under the age of 35, now is about the right moment to start endlessly regretting your choice of accommodation.

In fact, it’s prime time to regret all the things you don’t have.

However, self-isolation presents a golden opportunity to discover new things about yourself.

And of course, begin a journey of self-improvement.

Still, with the outside world lying just beyond the window, it’s tempting to try and make a reasonable facsimile of it indoors.

Remember, no matter how mad you are about not being able to leave the house, you’ll never be ‘mayor of a small Italian town in lockdown mad’:

Similarly, your level of paranoia can never match that of a relative in a WhatsApp group. We simply must stan…

Your chosen lockdown companions, meanwhile, may provide some surprising revelations.

There’s always a way to cope with this, I promise.

(And sometimes it can force you to make new connections)

Perhaps a song might help you get through all this?

There’s one man who won’t be singing during this time, though…

Lockdown teaches us many things, but perhaps the most important lesson is to value one’s freedom.

(Or not, as the case may be)

Meanwhile, the streets are empty, and nature is healing.

But you’ve got bigger things on your mind – chief amongst them the ability to make money from the government’s new fines.

Or soaking up the applause for your hard work.

If you’re going to go stir crazy – and face it, we all are – please do it in the most creative way possible.

(Well worth watching until the end, that one)

Don’t go too crazy, mind you.

Because after all, we’ll get through it together, and then won’t life be grand?

Stay safe, stay home, and do stay hilarious because it’s giving us life right now!

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