The RSC Are Hosting A ‘Tweet-Along’ Shakespeare Production This April

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Twelfth Night

Audiences are invited to share their thoughts in real-time.

For those who can’t resist the urge to whisper during theatre productions, your time has come. The Royal Shakespeare Company are setting up a Twitter watch party for their 2017 production of Twelfth Night, which arrives on performing arts streaming platform Marquee TV on April 11th – and your stream-of-consciousness thoughts are actively welcomed! (Featured image: Manuel Harlan, via RSC)

Yes, no fear of reprisals or pointed shushing can stop you now, for the watch party wants to hear your thoughts as soon as they pop into your head. It’s very simple to join in, too; all you need is a Twitter account, and to sign up for Marquee TV’s free 30-day trial, and you’re ready to roll. At 7:15pm, the party kicks off, for what they’re dubbing ‘Almost Live at the RSC’.

The production of choice is Twelfth Night, which graced Stratford-upon-Avon back in 2017, and features Kara Tointon and Adrian Edmondson in the cast. It won’t be the only version of Twelfth Night kicking around – the National Theatre set to broadcast theirs on their YouTube channel too – but it does let you share your opinions with fellow theatre nerds, and quite frankly bite your thumb* at our current pandemic…

*yes, I know that’s a Romeo and Juliet reference, but still.

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