27 Brilliant Tweets To Sum Up The UK’s Response To The New Lockdown Rules

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Twitter responses to coronavirus

As always, Twitter was there to provide merriment upon the unveiling of the UK’s new rules.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson began to unveil the “sketch of a roadmap” to lead the UK out of the six-week lockdown we’ve been enduring. Whilst new guidelines – such as unlimited exercise for all, and the possibility of mixing with people from outside your household – came to light, it’s fair to say that the advice given had a lot of us baffled by what we can and can’t do: a process sadly not helped by some confusing Monday morning TV appearances from Dominic Raab. With the new “Stay Alert” advice being a little open-ended, and mixed messages coming from different ministers, bafflement and bemusement was rife. Luckily, Twitter was on hand to provide a little humour.

The initial response could be summed up in a single question: “Sorry, what?”

“Stay Alert” is quite open to interpretation – and interpret, Twitter did.

Meanwhile, people have had fun redesigning the new “Stay Alert” sign

Handily, here’s how to make your own catchy slogan!

(Mine is Eat Everything > Curl Up In Bed > Cry At TV Shows, just FYI)

There have also been whispers that the particularly spicy alert system might have been seen before…

Being able to see one person from outside your household meant it was time to choose your favourites.

For some, Monday morning meant a swift – and frankly unexpected – return to the workplace.

Of course, some people had other priorities…

The prospect of unlimited daily exercise has been lost on many, though.

And, still the government has systematically failed to answer the question on everyone’s lips.

If you’re wondering about the new lockdown rules, by the way, here’s what we know so far.

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