You Know You Want This New Tube-Inspired Clothing Collection

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Tube clothes

Fresh threads, inspired by the Underground.

You know, I like my clothes, but I wish they told the world where I’m headed. As if to answer my prayers, Done London have unveiled a clothing range with TfL, inspired by everyone’s favourite transport system, the Tube. Ravishing roundels and Underground-inspired colour schemes await you, so let’s look at what’s on offer!

Tube clothes

The collaboration features two collections: Mover and NSEW. Mover boasts the sigil of a whizzing roundel, predominantly displayed on t-shirts which are available in colours including Metropolitan burgundy, Jubilee grey, and Waterloo & City blue.

Tube clothes

NSEW, meanwhile, takes the compass points as the basis for their swag. Whether you’re going Northbound, Southbound, Eastbound, or Westbound, you can now proudly display it upon your sweatshirt, even going so far as to point wordlessly to it when tourists ask for directions. The truly frivolous amongst you can get all four, so that you never need travel without displaying the corresponding compass point. Truly, a noble dream…

You can shop the collection here – t-shirts begin at £30 and sweatshirts are £50.

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