This Website Helps You Find Your Nearest Food Banks To Use, Donate To Or Volunteer At

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This Website Helps You Find Your Nearest Food Banks To Use, Donate To Or Volunteer At

Amidst the current pandemic, most of the country has been hit hard.

The most vulnerable members of society are now even more at risk as it becomes increasingly important to provide adequate care and protection. [Featured Image: The Trussel Trust]

Food banks, unfortunately, are becoming even more of an essential public service. Many more people find themselves without work or decreased pay. As long as the food banks remain essential, they have always carried out commendable work.

Increasing numbers of locations have had to open in the last 10 years due to the government’s austerity measures. In 2010, just under 41,000 were receiving emergency food packages compared to over 1.5 million in 2019. These statistics will no doubt only worsen given the current crisis.

On 28 March, Londoners were encouraged by Mayor Sadiq Khan to help out their local food banks. They need all the help and resources they can find as we continue the fight against COVID-19. And The Trussel Trust is a much-needed service to guide people to their nearest food stations.

The Trussel Trust website is very simple to use. It provides a tool whereby users can type in their postcode and find out where their nearest food bank is. This is vital for those in need to discover which locations remain open for them to use.

Moreover, the site lets you find out how to donate to any site. 90% of food bank produce comes from public donations, and now is a more important time than ever. The Trussel Trust includes recommendations on what, where and when to donate, with useful lists and guidelines. Users may also use the search tool to find out where they can donate directly to food bank locations.

The Trussel Trust also gives information on how the public can volunteer to help at food banks during this challenging time. They have teamed up with Assemble to create a tool to find volunteering opportunities.

At this uncertain time, The Trussel Trust is an essential tool for food banks to ensure those in need receive vital help.

The Trussel Trust are a UK based charity with one aim: Stop UK Hunger. You can make a one-off donation or find out more ways to help right here.

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