Those Born Between 2001-2004 Could Be Entitled To A Free EU Travel Pass

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Those Born Between 2001-2004 Could Be Entitled To A Free EU Travel Pass

Brilliant news for Gen Z!

If you turned 18 during the past couple of years then we’re very sorry because it can’t have been the 24/7 party you were expecting. Those with dreams of travelling the world had them squashed by the pandemic and ensuing restrictions. I certainly wouldn’t have traded my entry into adulthood with that of Gen Z, many of whom could only dream of exciting times whilst sat at home on the sofa with their parents during lockdown.

However, the world is opening up once again and the idea of travelling will be number one on a lot of young people’s post-lockdown lists. Moreover, there’s a way to travel around the EU for free, and it’s called Discover EU.

Ordinarily, this initiative gives 18-year-olds who are just starting out in the adult world the chance to explore our continent with free travel passes, but due to the pandemic, the age range has been extended and now includes 20-year-olds and even some 21-year-olds.

Photo: Unsplash – Rome

You have to apply for this travel pass and not everybody gets one but it is worth doing if you’re already dreaming of Rome and Vienna but your pockets aren’t quite deep enough to fulfil that dream. The application period runs until 26 October so you’ve got plenty of time to apply online, but you have to meet certain criteria:

-You must be an EU citizen, however UK citizens will be allowed to apply this year despite Brexit.

-You must also have a passport or valid ID card.

-You must have been born between July 1 2001 and December 31 2003

If your application is successful then you can use your travel pass for up to a month between March 1 2022 and  February 28 2023, and if your friends also meet the criteria then you can travel as a group. This year it’s all about rail travel, and there are plenty of EU rail routes opening up as people turn toward rail travel as a more eco-friendly option than flying. So, if you’d like to read more about this initiative then check out the European Union website and get planning!