You Can Travel Around London For Free On New Year’s Eve

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New year

Your New Year’s Eve just got a little bit easier.

Being in a generous mood this Yuletide, TfL are giving London a belated Christmas gift. Once again, they’re making their entire transport network free to ride this New Year’s Eve, so you can get 2018 off to the best possibly start. You know, instead of beginning the year by taking a ludicrously priced Uber from Shoreditch to Richmond.

Thanks TfL! Between 11:45pm on December 31st, and 4:30am on January 1st, the whole TfL network is free to ride. Tubes, buses, overground, DLR, the whole enchilada. Tubes and the DLR will run through the night – even the ones that aren’t on the Night Tube – but they’ll be on a Sunday service. Meanwhile, some buses and Overground routes will continue into the night, but you’ll need to check in advance.

For those few hardy souls who have shouldered the burden of “designated driver” (WHY?), the Congestion Charge and T-Charge will not apply. It’s a small crumb of comfort in your darkest hour. You can find the full rundown of New Year’s Eve services on TfL’s website, and we don’t joke when we say it’s a true page-turner.

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Alex Landon

Alex Landon

Although Alex spent most of his life in Somerset and Durham, London is (almost) in his name, so he relocated to Clapham and fell in love with it. However, this has put him dangerously close to Infernos... You'll find him eating all of London's street food, lost in a bookshop, or shouting at his beloved ice hockey team, the Minnesota Wild.