Three Elderly Friends Are Moving In Together To Self-Isolate With Netflix And Wine

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Three Elderly Friends Are Moving In Together To Self-Isolate With Netflix And Wine

Three lifelong friends will self-isolate collectively once they’ve chosen whose house is best.

Doreen, Dotty and Carol, three friends from the north of England, have gone through many of life’s tests and tribulations together. From deaths in the family to divorces, and all the good times on holiday too, these three have decided that during the coronavirus pandemic they would rather spend this time together than be alone. (Featured image: BBC Breakfast)

As the government instructs over 70-year-olds to stay home in order to avoid catching Covid-19, the three friends who have known each other for more than forty years will heed the government’s advice but only for the first week.

Speaking with BBC breakfast, they explain that if they are feeling fit and well after the first week of self-isolation in their respective homes, they will spend the second week together. The only issue is deciding on whose home to go to.

Each house has its pros and cons. Dotty’s and Carol’s, for example, have big back gardens perfect for daily exercise, whereas Doreen has Netflix and is quite keen on binge-watching The Crown. Her friends not so much, reminding her that she fell asleep last time. But Doreen also has a front room, the perfect space to get away from the others if things start getting “tetchy”.

Regardless of where they end up in their second week of isolation, the ladies have made it clear that one thing in plenty of supply will be wine and chocolates.

You can watch the full video here: 

Though upset at the closures happening around them and the performance they missed last Friday, the three friends can’t fathom the situation if something were to happen to one of them and the others weren’t there. And though we’re recommending people to practice social distancing and to self-isolate, one can’t but help agree with their logic.

Cheers to Doreen, Dotty and Carol and all the best.

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