Three Baby Ravens Have Just Been Born At The Tower Of London

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Three Baby Ravens Have Just Been Born At The Tower Of London

The adorable trio made their public debut this morning.

Well, I guess you need something to pass the time during lockdown, and Tower of London ravens Huginn and Muninn hit upon a solution. Fast forward a few weeks later, and the result is three new baby ravens, who were revealed to the general public this morning by the Tower’s Ravenmaster Chris Skaithe.

The as-yet-unnamed trio are the second lot of chicks produced by Huginn (the father) and Muninn (the mother), as they previously welcomed four chicks back in May – which were actually the first ravens born at the Tower of London since 1989. Ravenmaster Chris has been hand-feeding them in his house, but they won’t be staying there for too long. Instead of living at the Tower, they’re heading off to the countryside – presumably after lockdown has ended – to live in ‘raven havens’, although they’ll forever be part of the Tower of London family. Hopefully they’ll pay visits every now and then!

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