What You Thought London Life Would Be Like Vs. What It’s Actually Like

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What You Thought London Life Would Be Like Vs. What It’s Actually Like

You’d move into a great flat with great friends, get a great job with a great salary, and your life would be this wonderful picture of happiness. But we bet there were some things that, erm, didn’t quite go to plan…

You thought you’d become super independent…


…but realistically you’re still ringing your mum every few days to ask her how long it takes to boil an egg.

You thought you’d have a big, important job…


…but, if you’re totally honest with yourself, it’s only important because, without it, you couldn’t pay your rent.

You thought you’d nail the ‘work hard, play hard’ balance…


…but, in reality, you play a little bit too hard and the work is a little, well, hard.

You thought you’d make the most of all the wonderful restaurants that London has to offer…

have it all

…but realistically, after one trip to Nando’s, you’re skint for the rest of the month.

You thought you’d become this better, bolder version of yourself…

get what i want

…but really you’re just the same as you were before: totally ill-equipped to make adult decisions.

You thought you’d meet loads of people and have tons of opportunities to socialise…


…yet you still rush home every night, alone, to binge on Louis Theroux documentaries.

You thought you’d become an encyclopedia of London knowledge…


…but you just about know the areas you live and work in, and you don’t really bother with anywhere else.

You thought you’d be super thrifty and a total whizz at saving money…


…but London said ‘nope’.

You thought everyone would think you were The Shit for moving to the big city…


…but actually everyone just thinks you’re nuts for living somewhere so expensive.

And finally, you thought you’d rise above the stereotype of Londoners being grumpy and rude…


…but when someone walks slowly or stops in the middle of the pavement, it turns out you’re just as bad as the lot of them.

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