This Miracle Kitty Survived Seven Hours On London’s Tube Tracks

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This Miracle Kitty Survived Seven Hours On London’s Tube Tracks

Most cats have nine lives, but this miracle moggy seems to have 250.

A cat has managed to survive a crazy ordeal, after he somehow found himself on the tracks of the Northern line on Thursday morning (February 6). [Featured image: Sean Kelly, Twitter]

Photo: TfL

The venturesome kitty, named Blitz, managed to sneak past the ticket barriers at Tufnell Park tube station and make his way down the escalator and onto the tracks. Incredibly, he spent nothing short of seven hours hiding in the tube tunnel, while more than 250 trains whooshed over his head.

Photo: TfL

Sadly he was injured when TfL’s Emergency Response Unit (ERU) eventually found him—reportedly with a broken back and a damaged tail—but Blitz was safely rescued and returned to his owner. All things considered, Blitz is one very lucky cat.

Blitz’s dad Mark Piggott tweeted about the baffling events, expressing total bemusement (and, frankly, providing us with amusement). Mark explained that this all happened on his birthday, and somehow we don’t think he’ll be forgetting this one any time soon.

Mark praises the ‘top quality staff’ at Tufnell Park and his family went to thank them for getting Blitz home safe and sound.

I’ll tell you what, there aren’t many excuses that Londoners will accept for a whole five minute tube delay. But this we can forgive, I suppose.

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