8 Great Reasons To Explore Soho’s Kingly Street

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8 Great Reasons To Explore Soho’s Kingly Street

Amongst the crazed herds of humans rushing around Oxford Street and Regent Street desperately trying to breathe/survive/shop for a new pair of jeans, you will find instant solace tucked away along Soho’s Kingly Street.

With so many options for delicious food, and plenty of stiff drinks to keep you calm after all the shopping, it’s a very useful place to have on your radar.


1. Breddos Tacos


Starting off our meal with a shot of Mezcal and worm salt (yes, salty worms) at 12pm on a Thursday, we knew our experience at Breddos was going to be an interesting one. Kicking things off with some crab and bone marrow nachos (yeah, that was our reaction, too) and some incredibly juicy prawns, we saw exactly where this was going… in a ruddy marvellous direction.


The short rib tacos were absolutely incredible, as my colleague and I mutually agreed over a subtle, silent nod across the table. Admiring the ‘ode to the taco’ artwork plastered all over the walls, we proceeded to tuck into half an octopus, or “pulpo” as we ordered in our very best Spanish accents. Smothered–sorry, marinated–in soy and other tasty deliciousness (in other words, we forgot, we’re sorry), it was a delightful end to our slightier-boozier-than-intended lunchtime meal.

Breddos Tacos are famed for being “the guys who started off as a lowly pop-up in a Hackney car park but are now well on their way to taco stardom”, or something like that. We can absolutely see why.

26 Kingly Street, W1B 5QD

2. Dishoom


Oh Dishoom, the place we all desperately want to go but can never get a table at. Honestly, how has anyone ever been?

Seriously though, it is possible. And it’s worth the gruelling, hungry wait, let us tell ya! Their Indian small dishes and legendary breakfasts have taken London by storm, and it’s no real surprise. Start the day with a bacon naan roll with chilli jam, or end it with a proper Bombay feast. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re prepared to wait.

22 Kingly Street, W1B 5QB


3. Urban Tea Rooms


If you’re looking for a quaint little place to scoff down a cake and a cup of tea, you’ve found it. Tea rooms like this aren’t just reserved for the countryside, as this cute find in Soho demonstrates. Don’t let it fool you though, despite serving up delicious baked goods during the day, Urban Tea Rooms also know their way around a cocktail glass. We recommend sticking with the theme though and opting for Bakewell Tart Martini or an Earl Grey Negroni.

19 Kingly Street, W1B 5PY

4. Jinjuu


Modern Korean street food and late night DJs set the mood at this innovative restaurant with TV celebrity chef, Judy Joo. Bringing new meaning to KFC, their signature Korean Fried Chicken is truly legendary.

15 Kingly Street, W1B 5PS


5. Detox Kitchen


When you’ve got Gwyneth Paltrow listed as a fan of your eatery, you know you’re doing something right. The Detox Kitchen specialises in clean, detox-friendly food (who’da thunk?), and are praised for their wide range of wheat, dairy and refined sugar free foods. Finding detoxifying snacks has never been easier.

10 Kingly Street, W1B 5PJ


6. Cinnamon Soho


The food is more colourful and vibrant than anything you’ll ever eat (besides unicorn bagels and freakshakes, but Cinnamon Soho’s dishes won’t eventually kill you) and we were handpicked a perfect variety of textures and flavours. From the Dabi Vada (chilled white lentil dumplings, cooling cumin yoghurt and masala chickpeas) to the Kolkata Spiced Cod with mustard and red onion, Cinnamon Soho really nailed it with their contemporary Indian menu. We piled our plates high with fresh, tasty food and it was a cinnamon challenge we were quite happy to accept…

5 Kingly Street, W1B 5PF 


7. Cahoots

Cahoots 0030

A disused air-raid shelter renovated into a post-war 40s-themed bar and disguised as a Bakerloo tube carriage, this bopping bar gives you all the fun of the Underground without any of those sticky commuters.

Kingly Court, 13 Kingly Street, W1B 5PG


8. Le Bab


These Soho-based Shawarmas will have you salivating more than ‘Stavros the Stallion’ ever could. Located in Kingly Court, Le Bab is a ‘kebab renaissance project’, using Michelin starred chefs to bring London an exquisitely delicious new take on the ancient dish. Don’t let ‘Michelin starred chefs’ scare you off, though – not all sensational food is followed by a sensationally ginormous food bill. Shocking, we know. Simple, elegant and damn cool, Le Bab oozes sophistication. And that’s just the restaurant. The kebabs themselves are almost too beautiful to eat. Presented in an ‘open-sandwich’ style with the fillings delicately laid out over a perfectly floured, home-made flatbread, the word ‘renaissance’ was forever ringing in our ears. It is an art form. And that’s before you’ve even tasted it.

Top Floor, Kingly Court, Kingly Street, W1B 5PW


[Photo by David Marcu]


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