Kew Gardens Have Just Opened A Panoramic Glass Restaurant

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The Pavilion

The Pavilion brings fine dining to the heart of Kew Gardens.

You might have noticed from the frequency with which we write about it, but we’re pretty wild for Kew Gardens. So the reopening of their recently-renovated restaurant, The Pavilion Bar and Grill, is an exciting development – and now means Kew offers delicious food to go with those delectable gardens. (Watch our YouTube video to see just how delectable they are 👇)

The Pavilion isn’t the first restaurant Kew has ever had – the new iteration stands on the site of the old Pavilion Restaurant – but this one is shiny, new, and glass-fronted, offering lush views over the garden.

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The Pavilion
Photo: Jeff Eden RBG Kew

There’s also a lovely leafy terrace for a spot of al fresco dining, draped with ornamental vines from the old restaurant, and boasting enough space for 300 diners. Meanwhile, gorgeously-planted surroundings will make The Pavilion a sumptuous spot for a sunny day.

The Pavilion
Photo: Jeff Eden RBG Kew

So, that’s the views done, but what of the food? The Pavilion now comes equipped with a charcoal-powered Josper Grill, upon which chefs will be sizzling meat sourced from local farms, and serving them with herbs foraged from the gardens. Dishes include BBQ & orange pork belly ribs, fire-roasted halloumi and vegetable stack, and a suspiciously Nandos-style spatchcock chicken for which guests can choose their own seasoning level.

The Pavilion
Photo: Jeff Eden RBG Kew

A range of wines, beers, and cocktails are available, and The Pavilion also invites you to sample shots of Kew horseradish vodka. I think I’ll leave that taste test to you though…

Location: Kew Gardens, Richmond, TW9 3AB
Opening hours: 10am-6pm (Mon to Thu), 10am-7pm (Fri to Sun).
Price: mains start from £11, burgers begin at £12.50.
More info: on their website.

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