This Intriguing Talk Aims To Unlock The Secrets Of The Human Mind

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Neuroscience of Consciousness

Science reveals that there is a whole level of consciousness that we’re yet to unlock, and this talk will give you all the details

Monday morning, 9am. Post-commute, pre-morning coffee. You, like the rest of the world, are struggling with a brain that hasn’t yet kicked into gear, and doesn’t look like doing so anytime soon. It’s taking a while for ideas to swim their way into your conscious mind, so at moments like this, it would probably surprise you to know that there are entire levels on consciousness that science is only just touching on. Here to elucidate the latest discoveries is the latest Fever Talks: The Neuroscience of Consciousness, which runs on November 3 at 7pm. Set yourself up with tickets here!

Neuroscience of Consciousness

Whilst consciousness is often thought of as simply being present and aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, and surroundings, we’re beginning to understand that there are far more levels to our conscious mind. And knowing our predilection as a species to push the boundaries of scientific discovery, you can bet the scientific community is keen to discover more, and potentially unlock the true power of the mind…

How could we journey through the layers of consciousness? And what happens at these different stages of awareness? The mind truly boggles at the prospect of this deep dive into consciousness, but fear not, for Fever have lined up an expert in the field to help you navigate the murky waters of consciousness. It’s a chance to broaden your mind about the possibility of broadening your mind, and it’ll definitely leave you curious for more – so find your tickets here.

Fever Talks will be running even more brilliant talks over the next few weeks, so check out the full range here!

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