The London Eye Is Transforming Into A Giant Pumpkin This Halloween

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London Eye pumpkin

The London Eye is getting a seriously spooky makeover and just in time for Halloween.

After the scary year we’ve had, some may argue that there’s really no need for Halloween this time round. Plus with trick or treating off the cards and dozens of events cancelled, it’s a little harder than usual to get into the spooky spirit. However, one of London’s famous landmarks is taking matters into their own hands to give us the Halloween we truly deserve. The London Eye will be transforming into a pumpkin from dusk till dawn tomorrow (October 31) and you won’t want to miss it! [Featured image: London Eye, via Twitter]

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I can’t be outdressed by a Ferris wheel, so while I figure out what outfit I can make overnight, here’s what to expect from the day. For the best part of tomorrow, the majority of the London Eye will radiate a vibrant orange with a small section glowing green to resemble the pumpkin’s stem – you have to admire the attention to detail. It’s not everyday your favourite landmark does fancy dress but then again, anything is possible in 2020.

London eye pumpkin 1
Photo: London Eye

Rest assured, this seasonal orange glow will definitely add a little spook to the South Bank. So if you don’t already have plans, why not head to the Eye for a Halloween-themed photoshoot? It’ll undoubtedly be the most Instagrammable and best dressed landmark in the city. And rumour has it, there’ll be plenty of other spooky sights nearby.

This Jack-o’-lantern is proof that makeovers aren’t just for fairytales. Cinderella got a carriage out of her pumpkin and we’ll get some 10/10 photos. Maybe orange really is the new black after all…

In other spooky news, a blue moon will fill the skies on Halloween for the first time in two decades.

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