The ‘Most Ethical Pub In The World’ Will Open In London Next Week

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The Green Vic

If you like your boozers rough and ready, then The Green Vic probably isn’t for you.

What with pork scratchings and pints, the classic London boozer has largely avoided the uber health-conscious trend sweeping the world – Hackney’s all-vegan pub aside. That’s set to change on June 20th, as The Green Vic throw open their doors with a ambitious yet plain-stated aim: to be the most ethical pub in the world.

The Green Vic
Photo: @thebetterworldgroup

Starting small, aren’t they? Working on the ethos that “if you want to change the world, you have to throw a better party than the ones destroying it”, they’re going all in to support charitable endeavours and environmental causes. For instance, beers will come from Brewgooder – who donate profits to clean water projects in Malawi – and GoodWill Gin, whose distillery is powered by 100% renewable energy, and who turn their by-products into cow food.

The Green Vic
Photo: @thebetterworldgroup

You may hazard a guess about the type of cuisine on offer at this ethical paradise – and yes, if you guessed vegan, you’d be correct. Food is being run by The Green Grill, who’ll bring plant-powered burgers and the like to hungry punters. A ‘Better World Brunch’ will also follow, with £5 from each ticket being donated to charity.

The Green Vic’s ethical bent also extends to hiring, as they’ve pledged that one in four staff members will be from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds, joining forces with the likes of Unity Kitchen and Change Please to do so. It all sounds like excellent news, with only one caveat: The Green Vic is a pop-up only, taking up residence in Shoreditch’s Iron Bloom for a three month run. We can only hope the idea takes off – heaven knows we need more of these do-gooder initiatives in today’s world…

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