8 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Eat In London If You Have The ‘Balls’

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Just in case ITV decides to launch a brand new series of I’m a Londoner, Get Me Out Of Here! we’ve sourced some of London’s strangest and slimiest (but some surprisingly tasty) dishes. Warning: best to have a strong stomach – this post features tongue and testicles.


1. Testicles

[They look kind of appetising deep fried…]
Lamb testicles are a popular Turkish delicacy. You can get balls deep in a plate of balls (we are so sorry), at the East London restaurant, Testi. (No, its name does not mean ‘testicles’ in Turkish – it actually derives from the Turkish word for ‘jug’.) Testicles actually feature in a number of dishes, you can choose to have your balls marinated and charcoaled or fried with peppers, mushrooms and onions.

[The Bloody Oyster]
The Bloody Oyster pop up is also bringing lamb testes to the big red bus. They’ll be bread-crumbed and deep-fried. MMMMMMMM.


2. Jellied Eels


Eels are a classic British all-time favourite. Gaining popularity in the East End over a century ago, this slimy delicacy was served up in pie and mash shops across London (and still is today!). If you’re f-eeling adventurous, you can sample your first eel at Poppies Fish and Chips shop in Camden.


3. Blood and Chocolate Pate


You’ll get more than just spaghetti at the authentic and seemingly normal Italian restaurant, Bocca di Lupo, in Soho. They pride themselves on specialising in ‘the obscure and delicious highlights of Italian food’. One of the unusual culinary ‘delights’ that graces their menu combines pig’s blood and chocolate to form a pate. This signature dish is served up with some freshly baked bread… Thank god.


4. Goats Cheese Eclairs


Harrods is fantastic when it comes to weird and wonderful (expensive) food. And these goats cheese eclairs – which were part of their Winter savoury pastry collection – do not fail to disappoint on the peculiar side. Your mind is telling you to expect sweet, yet your tastebuds get savoury. It’s just madness.


5. Duck’s Tongue

[The Critical Couple]
The experimental restaurant Viajante, which was located near Bethnal Green, once served up extremely strange dishes, including duck’s tongue. Although the restaurant is closed for the time being, its chef – Nuno Mendes – has launched a crowdfunding campaign in attempt to re-open in Wapping. So perhaps we can look forward to more visually disturbing dishes. Sorry, that’s rude. I better bite my tongue…


6. Caramelised Garlic truffles

[Paul A Young]
This may look like a regular (delicious) chocolate truffle to you, but its key ingredient is garlic. This strange combination isbound to leave a funny taste in your mouth. The chocolate’s creator, Paul A. Young, has shops in Soho, Islington and Bank. Pop in if you’re intrigued. Vampires, be warned – it’s best you stick with No. 2.


7. Blue Cheese and Meaty Cocktails

Gong, the highest cocktail bar in the UK, Gong serves up a unique selection of drinks, including its Black and Blue Swizzle. This concoction is made up of whisky, sherry, honey, lime and, that’s right, blue cheese.

[Duck and Waffle]
Duck and Waffle, another great venue for sky-high drinking, serves up an equally strange cocktail – the Roasted Cosmo. This Cosmo is infused with bone marrow, for that extra kick. They also offer a Chocolate and Blue Cheese Martini and a Marmite Black Velvet.


8. Fake Meat Ribs


These may look like ribs, they may taste a bit like ribs (which is probably down to the sauce), but these ribs are anything but ribs. Soho’s creative vegetarian restaurant, Ethos, dish up this realistic-looking portion of ribs out of seitan (meat made out of wheat). A little weird, perhaps, but wheatever – we don’t judge.


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