It’s Going To Be 37°C On Thursday, So Good Luck With That

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It’s Going To Be 37°C On Thursday, So Good Luck With That

Well, it was nice knowing you all.

Global warming is coming for us all, and on Thursday, it’s elected to give us all a little taste of what we’re in for. The mercury is steadily heading north throughout the week – today, at highs of 28°C, is merely the aperitif – with Thursday pencilled in for a sweat-drenched, sunburnt, Tube-meltingly hot 37°C. And frankly, we’re not prepared for it.


Is it merely a scorching blip in the norm, or a harbinger of last summer’s heatwave making a ferocious return to town? Currently, it looks like this is the high point of the summer, but you really do never know in these dark sunny times. Here’s the Weather Channel, who are the most confident of a positively Equatorial 37°C.

[Weather Channel]
Yep, you’ll be begging for the Arctic climes of Tuesday and Wednesday if they get their prediction right. A more restrained, but still very warm, forecast comes courtesy of the BBC – with 34°C still enough to turn Secret London HQ into a furnace (it’s the entirely expected downside of basically working in a greenhouse).

Amongst the other weather shamans forecasting Peachy With A Chance Of Melting, here’s AccuWeather, who have pencilled this in as the warmest stretch of their ambitious 90 day forecast:

Of course, the tradeoff to this Mediterranean weather is your usual cocktail of overheated offices, unexpected sunburns, and facefuls of sweaty armpits on the Tube. Looks like summer’s back with a vengeance…

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