Experience A Mind-Reading Bar At The Tanqueray Townhouse This Week

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Experience A Mind-Reading Bar At The Tanqueray Townhouse This Week

Tanq-hurray! A nine-day immersive gin experience is heading to Bloomsbury.

It wouldn’t take a psychic to tell us that we like gin. But something very similar is what you’ll get anyway this December with a trip to the Tanqueray Townhouse. Setting up camp at the beautiful Bloomsbury House between 6 – 14 December, it’s a multi-sensory immersive experience that’ll take you behind the scenes and into the world of gin. Interested? Make yourself at home and we’ll explain exactly what to expect…

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The Tanqueray Townhouse is an unmissable event for Londoners who enjoy a gin. This nine-day, five-room experience offers everything from an interactive deep dive into your favourite Tanqueray cocktails, to a behind-the-scenes look at the botanicals: all thanks to some very impressive brain-wave technology.

You’ll start the experience the best way we know how: with a G&T in hand. You’ll then be led upstairs into the house to explore each of the individual rooms. In the evenings, expect to see a range of (g)incredible performers from The Magic Circle, who’ll work their magic throughout the house. Let your curious side come out as you delve into the different areas of the townhouse, because it’s just as suitably swish as you’d expect. Make sure to pick up your token on arrival that you can exchange for a drink at any of the bars within the townhouse.

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Once you’ve finished your T&T (as we’ll now be calling it), head to the Aura Room. As the name would suggest, it’s here where you’ll learn more about yourself than you might have ever thought possible in a drink-related environment. Don’t avoid the photographer in the room, because it’s their job to reveal the Tanqueray cocktail that matches your personality the most – no pressure! Give them your best pose and prepare to be surprised and delighted by the drink that comes your way.

You can then redeem your drinks token at one of the other bars throughout. Inside the Townhouse, try a classic Grapefruit Collins or one of the other delicious cocktails from the bespoke menu. Drop into The Lounge Bar and stop by for a chat with resident mixologist and Tanqueray ambassador, Jack Sotti. Here, you’ll be walked through a range of different ingredients to discover exactly what goes into your ideal drink.

There’s still plenty to discover in the Tanqueray Townhouse. Like any townhouse worth its salt, this one comes with a library. But don’t expect hundreds of old-fashioned books, because this library comes with a twist: it’s entirely gin-themed. In the Tanqueray Townhouse Library you’ll be able to learn the history of the world-famous gin and exactly how it’s distilled.

The Gifting Room, next up, does what it says on the tin: it acts as the perfect spot to do a bit of Christmas shopping for your gin-loving nearest and dearest. However, it’s not just a case of picking up items and taking them to the checkout. Everything in the Tanqueray Townhouse is personalised. Sit down with a calligrapher to craft a personalised note to attach to your Christmas presents, or go a step further with a personalised bottle. The Gifting Room also offers the chance to seal a bottle of Tanqueray with a botanical of your choice and swish wrapping paper to match. Christmas present shopping? Completed it.

Finally, hunt around the Tanqueray Townhouse until you find the Secret Bar – because it’s well worth the effort. You’ll need to use your senses for this one because your clue comes in the form of a ringing telephone. If you hear it ring, pick it up and you’ll be led into the Secret Bar that uses science to concoct your perfect drink. Using a special “head vs heart” test, brainwave technology will pull together your ideal cocktail based on how your brain reacts to the smell of various botanicals. Once the machine has done its work, you’ll be given a recipe to hand to the bartender back in the Lounge Bar.

This article was sponsored by Tanqueray. The Tanqueray Townhouse runs from 6-14 December and tickets can be purchased here. 18+ only. Please drink responsibly. For all the facts, visit drinkaware.co.uk.

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