A Doorstep Protest In Honour Of George Floyd Is Taking Place In The UK Today

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

A Doorstep Protest In Honour Of George Floyd Is Taking Place In The UK Today

Brits are asked to join in solidarity tonight at 6pm.

Following a large number of protests across the globe, which all 50 US states participated in, Stand Up To Racism has arranged a doorstep protest for tonight, aiming to honour George Floyd and raise awareness for the #BlackLivesMatter campaign – which has gained huge traction following the tragic death of George Floyd, whose life was taken by the actions of a white police officer in Minnesota. Taking place at 6pm tonight, supporters are asked to ‘take the knee’ on their doorsteps, peacefully protesting against racism in a safe manner during the pandemic.

Speaking about the event, SUTR said: “We are outraged that yet another black person has been killed at the hands of the police in the USA. The events unfolding in the USA are a product of hundreds of years of racism and oppression of black communities, which has led to countless lives lost.

“The events also take place in the context of black communities disproportionately dying as a result of and infected by coronavirus, the highest levels of unemployment, which is rising fast due to the rapid economic contraction taking place. So black people are disproportionately affected by police brutality, unemployment, economic hardship and the coronavirus.

“We understand the anger that has motivated people to come out and protest across the USA and also here in Britain.”

While tonight’s protest will take place outside people’s homes, SUTR has advised that all other protests remain socially distanced, with around 34% of those who have died from coronavirus coming from BAME communities. Protests will be continuing throughout the week, with three separate demonstrations planned for London this week. Stand Up To Racism has been operating since 2015, raising awareness for and fighting the challenges that BAME communities face every day – so please #TakeTheKnee if you can.

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