These Insanely Decorative Ice Creams Could Be The Cutest Cones In Town

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Taiyakiya has given ice cream a fabulous new makeover.

Despite the less than ideal weather of late, I reckon you’ve got a good three weeks of peak ice cream season left (although let’s be honest, ice cream never goes out of season). In that time, you should definitely pencil in a visit to new Chinatown spot Taiyakiya, who’ve created these ridiculously pretty, ‘gramtastic cones.

Photo: @jojoeatslondon

Chinatown has never shied away from cute ice cream cones – witness the ever-popular fish-shaped offerings from Bake – but Taiyakiya kicks them up a few notches.

Waffle cones (the smart person’s choice, and I’ll hear no argument on that) are filled with ice cream flavours including lychee rose, matcha, dark chocolate, vanilla, and ramune, which is a kind of Japanese lemonade.

Photo: @chinatownlondon

The coup de grace is delivered by pretty little additions, such as mermaid tails, unicorn horns, and angel wings – all striving to make one’s ice cream as picture perfect as possible. Though waffle cones are the sturdiest choice, you can also have the soft serve ladled into traditional taiyaki, the fish-shaped waffles from which Taiyakiya (literally ‘waffle house’) derives its name.

Photo: @ilovetaiyakiya

Putting the ice cream porn, somewhat reluctantly, to one side, Taiyakiya boasts other treats to keep you filled. Those cute taiyaki are often filled with savoury choices, turning them into the prettiest sandwiches you ever did see. Sausage and egg is a strong contender for “best new breakfast”, although I’m similarly enticed by the kimchi offering – and of course, sweet varieties with nutella and peanut butter warrant a lot of consideration.

Photo: @ilovetaiyakiya

They may be great for the ‘gram, but I’d wager Taiyakiya’s treats are even better for the belly – so why not give ’em a try?

Location: 20 Newport Court, WC2H 7PR. Nearest station is Covent Garden. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 2-10pm (Sun to Thu), 2-11pm (Fri to Sat).
Price: an ice cream with the fancy toppings will cost you £5.50.
More information: on their website.

Featured image: @90foodie

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