Residents Of A London Care Home Have Been Recreating Classic Album Covers During Lockdown

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Sydmar Lodge

Give them Grammys, BRIT awards, everything for this masterpiece.

Of all the creative ways to pass time during the UK lockdown – and there have been many, many brilliant ones – I think we’ve just found our favourite. The residents of Sydmar Lodge care home in Edgware, North London have been locked down for four months now, several of the many thousands of people across the UK who’ve been shielding as a result of being deemed especially vulnerable to coronavirus. They’ve not been idle, mind you. Not a chance. Instead, the residents have been recreating the covers from classic albums, with the likes of Springsteen and Elvis Presley being replaced by Martin and Sheila. Check out the spectacular results here, courtesy of Robert Speker, the care home’s activities coordinator. [Featured image: Robert Speker, via Twitter]

These are – and I saw this without an ounce of hyperbole – truly outstanding. So much so that if Lilyonna isn’t on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury next year, it’ll be an absolute bloody travesty. It’s not just the residents who have got in on the fun, either, although they are quite clearly the stars (shout out to Sheila for pulling double duty for Elvis and The Clash). The carers of Sydmar Lodge get their own cover too, as stand-ins for Queen – a fittingly royal tribute given the inexhaustible contributions they’ve made during the pandemic.

If you’re enjoying the work of the talented folks of Sydmar Lodge (honestly, how can you not?!), then there’s a way to give back to the stars – as Speker has started a GoFundMe appeal to help raise funds for the care home, in order to keep residents entertained during the remainder of their time indoors. Aside from their glorious contribution to the world of music, these residents have had no visits from family, friends, or outside entertainment since the lockdown began, so if you have the means to chip in a little bit of money to help, please consider donating here. In the meantime, I’ll wait patiently here for the greatest hits album to emerge…

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