Muy Delicioso! Here’s How To Throw An Authentic Spanish Supper Club With Campo Viejo

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Muy Delicioso! Here’s How To Throw An Authentic Spanish Supper Club With Campo Viejo

If you’re reminiscing about your Spanish holiday now that summer is coming to an end, you’re not alone. As much as we all love London, we’re wishing we could still feel the sun on our backs with a glass of wine in hand.

But stop scrolling through your Instagram photos because there’s a way to bring back that taste of Spanish sunshine and culture, without even having to leave your house: by hosting a supper club.

Campo Viejo have shown us how to do it the proper way this summer, by hosting supper clubs in London. Their five-course events with some fancy wine tasting might be coming to an end, but it’s a chance to take inspiration from the events and create your own bespoke evening.

The inspiration behind Campo Viejo’s supper clubs comes from the origin of their wines. In an era when the people of Spain only drank wine from their region, the founders of Campo Viejo wanted to share their creation not only with the people of the next village, but with the people of the next town, the rest of the Spain and ultimately the world. Their vision was that the wine they created would bring people together for years to come.

(Photo: Campo Viejo)
(Photo: Campo Viejo)

Do as the Spanish do and round up a big group of your closest friends and family members. The culture of our friends south of the ocean is to spend an evening relaxing with good food, great wine, and excellent conversation.

Eating and drinking are social activities in Spain. Rather than grabbing a bite on the run, the Spaniards’ way of sitting back and breaking bread together is deeply ingrained into their culture. Being generous with each other and taking the time to share an experience together is a traditionally Spanish way of spending an evening.

And when it comes to putting together the perfect supper club, it’s important to select only the best of the best.

The wine is an easy choice: Campo Viejo is the nation’s favourite red for a good reason, and is the obvious option for the perfect supper club.

(Photo: Campo Viejo)
(Photo: Campo Viejo)

But the food is where you can explore the tastes of various regions for hours on end. We recommend serving up a mixture of traditional picks like Patatas Bravas, Spanish omelette or pan con aceite (bread with oil) to start. Then, delve into delights like squid, chorizo, chicken and prawns for a truly authentic cena Española.

For a versatile wine that’ll go with all tapas dishes, Campo Viejo recommends their Tempranillo. For meats and cheeses, a bottle of Reserva is the top pick. Or, enjoy a fresh Campo Viejo Blanco to go with your seafood and fried fish dishes.

Lay the table, gather your loved ones and prepare to pass dishes and stories around the table.

We encourage you to enjoy your Spanish-themed supper club, but please drink responsibly!