Suck On This! 3 Of London’s Sweetest Candy Shops

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Suck On This! 3 Of London’s Sweetest Candy Shops

While tourists march in their thousands to M&M world (where the colour-coated pellets cost more than the clothes on your back and the smell of chocolate is pumped through the air-con), we like to get our sugar fix elsewhere. Whether you like ‘stopping your gob’ on the classics, or fancy sucking on newer, more imaginative flavours, these sweet spots will definitely tickle your tastebuds.


1. #SugarSin


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Founded by two sisters, who set up the first shop in Covent Garden, SugarSin offers a selection of chewy, chocolatey and suck-tastic sweets – from foamy marshmallow bananas to fizzy and sour watermelon slices. For the decadent amongst us, the ever-so-naughty Prosecco flavoured gummies have proven to be extremely popular.

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As well as the main store in Covent Garden, SugarSin also have a pop-up shop in Shoreditch’s Box Park.


2. Spun

Spun are constantly bringing out cute and deliciously-topical hard rock candy, which includes a recent Rugby World Cup collection and a collaboration with the ever-addictive Candy Crush app. But what’s extra special about Spun is that they also run parties, masterclasses and events – including Candy Speed Dating – putting their own ‘spin’ on candy making (sorry-not-sorry). Who doesn’t want to learn how to make candy, while sipping on bubbly and potentially meeting the Love Heart of your dreams?

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You can find Spun stores across London, in Covent Garden, Spitafields Market and Hamley’s. 


3. Scandi of Sweden

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Candy is a central to Scandinavian culture and Scandi are kindly bringing their ‘smågodis’ – or ‘little treats’ – to sweeten London up. After landing in Pump Shoreditch earlier this month, Scandi have been offering up their wide selection of naturally coloured, high quality pick ‘n’ mix. You’ll recognise many of the classic sweets, from gummies and chocolate, to nougat and clusters, but Scandi have made sure to add their own personal touch. They’re also able to create sweeeeet centrepieces for events and individually designed packages, which make wonderful gifts.

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 Scandi’s pop-up store will be open at Pump Shoreditch from 7th October.


More of a chocolate person? We totally understand… 

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