A Strawberry Moon Will Light Up London’s Skies Tonight

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

Strawberry moon

The full moon will glow pink this Friday.

Lockdown has been blessed with a number of spectacles already, with supermoons, meteor showers and even sights of Jupiter and Mars gracing our skies. And it looks like the galactic show isn’t over yet, with a Strawberry moon in store for us this evening.

Visible in the UK from the late afternoon, the Strawberry moon – more commonly known as the ‘rose moon’ in Europe – will appear low in the sky this Friday (depending on how clear the skies are, of course), boasting a reddish tone as it shines through more of the atmosphere than usual.

Strawberry moon

The June full moon gained its title from Native Americans due to it coinciding with the strawberry harvest, a fruit which is native to North America. Other traditional names include the Honey moon and the Rose moon, for similar reasons such as roses blossoming at this time of year, and honey ripening.

The Strawberry moon is best viewed at dusk, which is usually between 9-10pm during British Summer Time, and you can catch this year’s on Friday, June 5 – so keep watching the skies tonight!

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